Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

Search Engine Optimization is as simple as, when people are online and search for your business name or the products and services you offer in the geographic area that you do business. As simple as this sounds, you need to remember all of the other businesses both locally and nationally that are doing the same thing.

SEO local businessSo how do you compete with all of this competition? The truth of the matter is that Google, Bing and others want you to be found in the mix. They want to provide options to their users and that includes choices in your local area. All you need to do is tell them about your business and establish credibility by being listed with directories. Now, this is not a magic bullet. There is an endless list of ways to improve your placement on search engines. But if you are a local business and just want to be found for a few key searches we can help with a few key strategies.

  1. Content – Having that written copy on your pages will go a long way in telling Google who you are and what you offer.
  2.  Site Optimization – Checking on all of the little details on your site that search engines look for to reinforce the content.
  3. Directory Listings – This helps to establish that you are a real business and confirms basic information such as company name, phone number and address.

There are other details that need to be addressed as well, but this is how we get started.